Intake fee         $30

Group fee         $30

Indigent fee.  All certified programs are required to accept 10% of their caseload as indigent, which means a reduced fee of $5 per group and 1/2 of the normal intake fee.  Indigent slots are usually given to clients with no income, but clients on SSI or AFDC are usually eligible for a reduced fee.  Once a client becomes more stable financially, they are required to pay the full fee.

How to enroll

Clients must attend an intake interview before joining a group.  The interview lasts approximately one hour.  To schedule an appointment, call (619) 544-1453, or email linda@domesticviolencerecovery.net.  Clients will need to have a copy of the court order or probation conditions if they have been ordered to attend by the court or probation.  Interviews take place at the office.