Domestic Violence Recovery opened in 1990 as a private practice established primarily to work with domestic violence offenders.  The founding partners were Barbara Reeb and Linda Griffin, both licensed marriage and family therapists who had worked in the field of domestic violence since the early 1980's.  Ms. Reeb retired in 2000, and Ms. Griffin continues to operate the program as a sole practitioner.

The program offers a 52 week group counseling program, certified by the San Diego County Probation Department as meeting California State Standards. Group participants may be ordered by the court, probation, parole, or may attend on a voluntary basis.  This program is also referred to as a Batterer's Intervention Program, or DVRP, depending on the jurisdiction where a court order originates.


  • Limited group size -- no more than 12 clients per group
  • Structured groups
  • Comfortable, attractive surroundings
  • Accurate record keeping
  • Location convenient to public transportation

Goal: A Violence Free Life

The Plan: A Way To Learn

  • Anger management skills
  • Identification of feelings
  • How physical and emotional violence serve as tactics of power and control
  • Effective communication
  • Understanding of the cultural basis for domestic violence

Program Philosophy

  • It is entirely possible to live a life that is free of violence
  • This can be done by taking responsibility for one's actions and practicing new behaviors
  • From the beginning the emphasis is on developing tools to create nonviolent relationships that include mutual trust and respect